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Aurora Game Platform      

            We produce a game platform with a unique architecture that can be used for retrofits, upgrades or to produce a completely new gaming machine. The multi-processor architecture is extremely secure and resistant to cheating while being fully expandable and very flexible as to application. A game platform that is based on a PC alone is vulnerable to attack by nearly anyone who understands PC architecture and is familiar with PC programming. There are millions of such individuals in the world. The Aurora architecture is based on a secure microcontroller and encrypted communication with distributed components which is much more difficult to compromise. All components are intelligent and are interconnected with an eight wire bus which also carries electrical power to the entire system. Machine capability and function can be expanded by simply adding new components to the bus and interconnecting them to existing components. Functionality is not only limited to commonly known functions, but can be designed for future functions that may be unknown now, but which may require support in the future-this protects your investment and allows you to rapidly expand to serve the market. The single cable bus interconnection reduces the possibility of failure caused by flexing of multi-wire interconnect systems commonly in use. We perfected a distributed processor game with a serial bus interconnecting components in 1993 and this is an evolution of that series.

            The heart of the system is the game board which is housed in a secure, lockable enclosure measuring 6.325" x 3.625" x 1.525" (160.655mm x 92.075mm x 38.735mm). This component handles all system communications and acts as a clearinghouse for all game decisions. In the photographs you will see that the game board can connect to a video controller which is housed in a metal enclosure measuring 7.45" x 7.45" x 3.55" (189.23mm x 189.23mm x 90.17mm).

            If you want just a spinning reel game, no video controller is required and just the game board can be used to handle all game functions. If a video game or spinning reel game with video is desired, then you can mount the game controller to the video controller enclosure and control the game functions with that combination. Other standard system components are a door control module, a hopper control module, a printer controller module and a bill acceptor module.
  Game controller and video controller modules.

            The door control module can mount in the door and control coin input from a coin or token acceptor, monitor lighted pushbutton switches, control switch lighting, monitor key inputs and control feature lights and line lights. Our proprietary communication scheme to allow machine setup and monitoring may also be attached to the door control module. The hopper control module is designed to control standard coin hoppers. The printer controller module will control printers available from several manufacturers and the bill acceptor module is designed to control commonly available bill acceptors. You can add or subtract components as desired thus giving you control over the configuration of your game and only purchasing what you need at the time. All components are high quality as you would expect for a casino style gaming machine. Power for the game platform is supplied by a +12VDC universal input power supply. All hardware components are small and can be distributed over the entire game cabinet, mounted at one point and interconnected or a combination of the two methods. A distributed mounting of components is recommended since this provides the closest coupling between the controlled function and provides data and control to the bus system in the most noise-free manner.

            We can provide games that are skill games using our patented skill game algorithm or we can provide casino style Class III games. The games can be video, spinning reel or a combination of both. Skill games are allowed for all Indian nations under present IGRA regulations since they are not a game of chance. Our present skill games resemble games you would see in a casino, though they can be made to look totally unlike a casino game if so desired.

            Aurora also designs progressive meter systems and we can provide in-game and linked progressive systems that integrate with our game platform. We typically provide RGB (red, green,blue) LED meters, but can provide RGY (red, green yellow) on special order.

           Game components can be installed by your slot mechanics or we can provide upgraded machines through an arrangement we have with a subcontractor. We are also happy to discuss special requirements with prospective customers.

    Game controller module as used in a spinning reel game.