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Skill Games

        Aurora skill games are based upon a principle that allows removal of the  "accomplished player factor" from the predicted operator hold.  This eliminates the worry that an extremely skillful player may  "clean up" and cause a loss of operator win.  Skill games that can be completed by a player of ordinary ability in the skill tested are implemented and play is more exciting to the player since the games can actually be completed successfully with the assurance that not just luck allowed a win.  Our skill games can reside on either a spinning reel platform or a video platform and can appear to be a casino-style Class III game or they can depart in appearance very much from that of a Class III game--your choice.  The video platform is, of course, the more flexible of the two.  It should be considered that a spinning reel skill game can still have player appeal and Aurora can provide these on our casino quality spinning reel platform.

            Under IGRA any Indian Nation can legally operate a true skill game since it, by definition, is not a game of chance. Skill games may be an overlooked source of revenue and can have certain tax and quota advantages since they are not games of chance.

            We have several games available for demonstration that use one or more of our patented and patent pending skill game algorithms.  On two of them, the particular skill tested is reaction time, though a slower reaction time can be offset somewhat by familiarity with the game.  In anther game, the skills tested are familiarity with a poker hand and ability to remember card faces.  Many other skill games appealing to players can be developed using the concepts demonstrated, but they will all be games that can be completed successfully by a person of average ability in the skill tested and the operator of the games will be guaranteed a profit.  

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1. All metal slimline casino style upright game cabinet measuring 56" x 17" x 19".
2. Cabinet is designed to Class III specifications with lockable belly door on main door for bill acceptor cassette access.
3. Up to 6 mechanical meters and a soft meter system are provided.
4. Multi-game or single game video platform with 17" LCD touchscreen monitor.
5. Spinning reel games can be provided.
6. Four video skill games are available now and more are in development.
7.Some skill games employing our patented method were tested by Robert Sertell at Casino Horizons Corporation in March 2008.   Click HERE to see the report.  
8. Unit may be ordered with fan fold printer and JCM bill acceptor or with vending type bill acceptor for cost savings.
9. Machine has an integrated cashless system.
10.Machine is affordable and expandable. It employs a bus system and intelligent peripherals which results in a small wire loom and allows for future expansion simply by adding a new peripheral.

           We are interested in direct sales or participation ventures. We can also assemble the machines on your site or in your country if a sufficient number of units are ordered or a minimum potential market exists. Additionally, we can configure the games as regular games of chance depending upon jurisdiction. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

"Big Time Poker" skill game
"Rise to Riches" skill game
"Pink Champagne" skill game
"Pink Champagne 2 " skill game
Click HERE to see video
A video of other games playing is available upon request.
Some available skill game glass:
Oblique view
Inside view