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Spinning Reel Slots

The Aurora spinning reel platform was designed from the ground up to be a casino quality machine.  The cabinet is of our own design and has the look, feel and sturdiness expected of the machines that are the old casino standby.  We have our own symbol selection algorithm (patented in the U.S., Canada and E.U.) and the reels are stepper motor driven.  A distributed processor technology is employed to keep the numbers of wires in the wiring harness to a minimum, which increases reliability and greatly improves the flexibility of the machine. 

New features and interfaces can be implemented by plugging a new smart module into the wiring harness and connecting it to the peripheral it is designed to serve.  The symbol selection algorithm allows a very tight control over the statistical machine hold, but still allows totally random games to be presented to the player.  A skill stop machine can be implemented by replacing the button bar and game program.  The spinning reel game can also be provided as a skill game using the Aurora skill game algorithm.  Please see the skill game section for this and/or contact us.

We are currently in the process of building the spinning reel slot in a new case design. At that time we will have some demonstration units available for jurisdictional approval. The machine can be built as a standard casino game or as a skill game. Please contact us if you are interested in spinning reel type games and watch this page for updates.
Video Slots
The Aurora video slot platform is designed in such a manner as to allow the interconnection of many of the control components used in the spinning reel game platform.  It is a distributed processor architecture and thus allows great flexibility for upgrades since only new modules need be added to the processor bus; no replacement of the entire game board is necessary.  The platform has been optimized for the skill game market, but, with proper jurisdictional approvals, could be employed on a casino floor as well.  Graphics are rendered in 1024 x 768 resolution and are of very high quality.  Touch screen capability is standard. 
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Slot Upgrade System:  
           The Aurora Slot System may be used as a flexible means of updating old cabinets to a modern video or spinning reel system or may be installed in a new cabinet to provide a completely new look.  Its main features are:

1) Distributed processor architecture enhances reliability and security.
2) Easily expandable.
3) Compact components will fit most cabinets.
4) Custom components to drive nearly any peripheral can be quickly designed and will easily integrate into machines with our upgrade system installed.
5) Buy just the components you need.
6) Video, stepper reel or simultaneous video, stepper conversion available.
7) Patented symbol selection algorithm for reel type games allows very small increments in setting hit frequency and return to player.
8) Patented memory verification allows automatic independent memory check and fail-safe protection if memory fails check.
9) Program memory verification may be done remotely.
10)  Machine accounting meters can be read and setup can be done with a walk-around handheld unit.

We can provide Class III games or games that use our patented and patent pending skill game concepts.  Networking will be available depending upon customer demand.
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