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Progressive Meter System Features  

In-Game display with MIB & power supply Click HERE to see video


In-Game display mounted in top glass Click HERE to see video


           Aurora's progressive jackpot system provides an economical and flexible means
of implementing linked progressive or stand-alone jackpots with nearly unlimited
customer pleasing features.  The system can utilize a bi-directional wired bus with a very
high data rate to communicate with a variety of smart peripherals, the function and
selection of which is continually being enhanced.  Since each peripheral is intelligent and
contains its own nonvolatile memory, the probability of irrecoverable failure and data
corruption for an entire system is decreased substantially.  We also offer a wireless linked
progressive meter system with wireless programming capabilities.  All of our equipment
is competitively priced and all of our assemblies are very compact.
Currently we have several components available:
Progressive controller: This gathers data from up to 100 devices on the bus, allows
programming of the system and keeps a nonvolatile record of all transactions.  We
currently support 8 levels of Jackpot and 4 separate links.  Communication with this
is by means of a Palm PDA (Bluetooth port), which allows for setup and data
Machine Interface Board:  (MIB) provides an interface to each machine and
translates different protocols and denominations into a common datatype that the
progressive controller can interpret.  Thus machines from different manufacturers,
denomination and protocol can be linked together without purchasing special
components.  Nonvolatile memory also holds a number of past machine transactions,
a running total of coins-in for a machine and setup information.  There is also a
socket for up to 256 MB of slow nonvolatile memory that can be used for logos,
canned messages, etc.  Interface to machines can be through older timed-protocol,
SAS or machine manufacturer defined protocol.  We can also provide opto-isolated
outputs that can be programmed to be useful in bonusing systems.  The MIB is
particularly useful in stand-alone progressives since it is very compact and, when
used with our power supply combination, provides all you need to implement up to
two levels of progressive display when paired with our RGB in-game meters.  The
MIB can also be used as a backup walk-around machine accounting system if desired.
RGB in-game meter:  This has overall display dimensions of 1.88" x 15.2" and may
be driven from the MIB/power supply combination.  No additional multiplexing
controllers are needed.  We can supply this meter with various communication
interfaces such as USB, RS232C, RS485 and TTL.  All you need is a power supply
and a data connection to drive this meter from your gaming machine.
Overhead Display:  We currently provide interface (both wireless and wired) to our
progressive controller and drive plasma or LCD panels as overhead displays.  We
found that this is the solution most demanded by customers.  If you have a substantial
requirement for LED overhead displays, please contact us.
Custom Peripherals:  Various intelligent peripherals can be designed to connect to
our progressive system.  Some of these we have provided in the past are sound
modules to play sounds or music under program control and input/output modules to
monitor inputs for predetermined conditions and trigger outputs to control whatever a
customer may require.  

Ask us about custom designs!

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